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St John’s School for the Deaf

Project Gambia / St John’s School for the Deaf

St. John’s School for the Deaf


St. John’s School for the Deaf is ran by the Catholic Diocese of Banjul in The Gambia. The school is one of the only schools for Deaf children in the entire country, making it difficult for many Deaf children in The Gambia to attend school. For the children at the school, life in Africa is particularly difficult – with their parents having little to no knowledge on how to communicate with them or understand them. This made the initial decision to begin support this school an easy one, conscious that the prevalence of Charities in The Gambia was much lower than in some other African countries. By attracting the pupils to school, Project Gambia offers them an opportunity to have a proper education. This, as well as providing a route out of poverty, has empowered, enabled, encouraged, facilitated, supported and inspired young people, while also giving them hope.

Before we began to support the school, the school had little over 200 children suffering from deafness, hearing impairment and other additional support needs attending school everyday. Now, thanks to our supporters, fast-forward 7 years later we have been able to ensure that over 300 children are attending school every day, receiving a hot and nutritious meal every day that they do.

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